Master's Degree in Numerical Methods in Engineering

Year 2023/2024  

First year Second year
Fall semester Spring semester Fall semester Fall and spring semesters Fall and spring semesters
Mandatory courses Mandatory courses Mandatory courses Elective courses
(External internship or the 3 elective courses)
Master's Thesis
120 ECTS

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CodeCourseECTSSemesterProfessor in chargeTaught in EnglishObservations
Mandatory courses
First year
250950Numerical methods for pdes 5Fall semesterZlotnik Martinez, Sergio 10Q1
250951Finite element 5Fall semesterRyzhakov, Pavel 10Q1
250952Continuum mechanics 5Fall semesterLloberas Valls, Oriol 10Q1
250954Advanced fluid mechanics 5Fall semesterSaez Viñas, Pablo 10Q1
250955Programming for engineers and scientists 5Spring semesterZlotnik Martinez, Sergio 10Q2
250956Computational solid mechanics 5Spring semesterBonet Carbonell, Javier 10Q2
250957Finite elements in fluids 5Spring semesterGiacomini, Matteo 10Q2
250958Computational structural mechanics and dynamics 5Spring semesterCervera Ruiz, Luis Miguel 10Q2
250960Communication skills 1 5Fall semesterZlotnik Martinez, Sergio 10Q1
250961Computational mechanics tools 5Fall semesterSarrate Ramos, Jose 10Q1
250963Coupled problems 5Spring semesterCodina Rovira, Ramon 10Q2
250970Domain descomposition and large scale scientific computing 5Spring semesterRossi Bernecoli, Riccardo 10Q2
Mandatory courses
Second year
250964Entrepreneurship 5Fall semesterBelles Ros, Francesc Xavier 10Q1
250965Advanced discretization methods 5Fall semesterGiacomini, Matteo 10Q1
250967Communication skills 2 5Fall semesterDialami Shabankareh, Narges 10Q1
Elective courses
250971Reduced order modelling 5Fall semesterRyzhakov, Pavel 10Q1
250439Numerical models in civil and structural engineering 5Spring semesterChiumenti, Michele 10Q2
250443Machine learning and models for decision making 5Spring semesterArias Vicente, Irene , Muixí Ballonga, Alba 10Q2
External internship15Fall/Spring semesters
Master's Thesis
250968Master's thesis 30Fall/Spring semestersGarcia Gonzalez, Alberto 10Q1, 10Q2