Master's Degree in Structural and Construction Engineering

Year 2023/2024  

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Master's Thesis
Mandatory courses Structures or Construction Structures and/or Construction Structures or Construction
22,5 ETCS 27,5 ETCS 10 ETCS 30 ETCS
Consisting of 4 compulsory courses Consisting of 27.5 ECTS that will have to be taken from courses belonging to the same path Consisting of 10 ECTS that can be taken by choosing courses from those offered in any of the 2 learning paths Consisting of 30 ECTS

* Check the semester the courses are taught in the following table.

CodeCourseECTSSemesterProfessor in chargeTaught in EnglishObservations
Mandatory courses
250725Structural engineering 6Spring semesterBugeda Castelltort, Gabriel 20Q2
250700Fundamentals of structural design 6Fall/Spring semestersBairán García, Jesús Miguel , Duarte Gómez, Noemí 20Q2
250731Construction methods and project management 5Fall semesterTurmo Coderque, Jose 20Q1
250702Workshops and research seminars 5,5Fall/Spring semestersOller Ibars, Eva Maria 20Q2
Elective courses Structures
250403Structural analysis 7,5Fall semesterCodina Rovira, Ramon
250439Numerical models in civil and structural engineering 5Spring semesterChiumenti, Michele 10Q2
250952Continuum mechanics 5Fall semesterLloberas Valls, Oriol 10Q1
250958Computational structural mechanics and dynamics 5Spring semesterCervera Ruiz, Luis Miguel 10Q2
250703Composite materials structures 5Fall semesterBarbu, Lucia Gratiela
250950Numerical methods for pdes 5Fall semesterZlotnik Martinez, Sergio 10Q1
250704Structural dynamics 5Fall semesterBonet Carbonell, Javier 10Q1
250705Functional analysis in continuum mechanics 5Untaught courses
250706Structural analysis seminars 2,5Spring semesterCervera Ruiz, Luis Miguel 10Q2
250707Non-linear analysis and behaviour of concrete structures 5Spring semesterBairán García, Jesús Miguel 10Q2
250708Non-linear analysis of steel structures 5Spring semesterChacón Flores, Rolando Antonio
250710Inspection, analysis and restoration of historical constructions 5Fall semesterPela, Luca 10Q1
250711Advanced bridge engineering 5Spring semesterTurmo Coderque, Jose
250470Building structures 5Fall/Spring semestersPela, Luca , Roca Fabregat, Pedro 10Q1, 20Q2
250471Bridges 5Fall/Spring semestersCasas Rius, Juan Ramon 10Q1
250472Analysis and design of steel structures 5Fall/Spring semestersMirambell Arrizabalaga, Enrique , Real Saladrigas, Esther 10Q1
250473Advanced design of concrete structures 5Fall/Spring semestersDe La Fuente Antequera, Alberto , Murcia Delso, Juan 20Q2
250474Structural management 5Fall semesterCasas Rius, Juan Ramon
250475Mixed and composite structures 5Fall semesterMirambell Arrizabalaga, Enrique
250713Experimental techniques for the characterization of structures and structural materials 5Spring semesterChacón Flores, Rolando Antonio
250714Structural technology seminars 2,5Spring semesterMolins Borrell, Climent 10Q2
250727Performance based seismic design and assessment of structures 5Spring semesterBairán García, Jesús Miguel 10Q2
250728Foundation structures 5Fall semesterPela, Luca 10Q1
250730Structural optimization 5Spring semesterBugeda Castelltort, Gabriel 10Q2
Elective courses Construction
250709Nanotechnology in construction 5Spring semesterFernandez Carrasco, Lucia
250715Economical and financial aspects of construction 5Fall semesterRoca Ramon, Xavier
250716Durability of structures 5Spring semesterBarra Bizinotto, Marilda
250717Environmental management 5Spring semesterGangolells Solanellas, Marta
250718Quality management 5Spring semesterForcada Matheu, Nuria
250720Management skills 5Fall semesterPujadas Álvarez, Pablo
250721Advanced materials in construction 5Spring semesterSegura Perez, Ignacio
250722Advanced technics in construction 5Fall semesterTosic, Nikola
250723Using construction waste 5Fall semesterBarra Bizinotto, Marilda
250732Construction seminars with bim 2,5Spring semesterTurmo Coderque, Jose
250729Health and safety in construction 5Spring semesterTurmo Coderque, Jose
Master's Thesis
250726Master's thesis 30Fall/Spring semestersTurmo Coderque, Jose 10Q1, 10Q2