Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering

Year 2023/2024  

First year Second year
Fall semester Spring semester Fall semester Fall and spring semesters Fall and spring semesters
Mandatory courses Mandatory courses Mandatory courses Elective courses Master's Thesis
120 ECTS

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CodeCourseECTSSemesterProfessor in chargeTaught in EnglishObservations
Mandatory courses
First year
250653Climate and climate change 5Fall semesterBaldasano Recio, Jose M.
250654Introduction to environmental biotechnology 5Fall semesterLopez Martinez, Margarita
250655Environmental systems 5Fall semesterPuigagut Juarez, Jaume
250660Characterization, management and treatment of air pollution 5Fall semesterGonçalves Ageitos, Maria
250661Environmental economics, legislation and policy 5Fall semesterBaba El Mokhtari, Yasmina
250673Characterization, management and treatment of waste 5Fall semesterMarti Gregorio, Vicenç
250462Life-cycle analysis and sustainability assessment (MECCP) 5Spring semesterOlivella Pastalle, Sebastian , Puig Damians, Ivan
250656Geochemical processes 5Spring semesterCasanova Hormaechea, Ignacio
250658Characterization, management and treatment of soil and groundwater contamination 5Spring semesterSanchez Vila, Francisco Javier
250662Systems and tools of environmental management 5Spring semesterLopez Grimau, Victor
250672Modeling of environmental systems 5Spring semesterBaldasano Recio, Jose M.
250680Energy and environment 5Spring semesterLlorca Pique, Jordi
Mandatory courses
Second year
250659Characterization, management and treatment of water pollution 5Fall semesterGullon Santos, Martin
250663Management of environmental projects 5Fall semesterGasso Domingo, Santiago
Elective courses
250665Noise pollution 5Untaught courses
250666Water of provision 5Fall semesterGarfi, Marianna
250674Organic contaminants in aquatic ecosystems and their environmental risk 5Untaught courses
250667Integrated environmental assessment of building materials 5Untaught courses
250668Ecomaterials and sustainable construction 5Fall semesterEtxeberria Larrañaga, Miren
250669Advanced treatment of industrial wastewater 5Spring semesterCortina Pallas, Jose Luis
250670Food industry and environment 5Untaught courses
250675Management of infrastructures of waste treatment 5Untaught courses
250677Environmental geology 5Spring semesterFolch Sancho, Albert
250678Environmental and ecological economics 5Untaught courses
250679Socio-environmental statistics and decision-making 5Untaught courses
480092Industrial ecology (MCTS)5Fall semesterCervantes Torre-Marin, Gemma
250681Laboratory of environmental engineering 5Fall semesterReig I Amat, Mònica
820742Biogas and biofuels (MEE)5Fall semesterFerrer Marti, Ivet 10
250683Environmental oceanography 5Untaught courses
480081Urban metabolism and ecological urbanism (MCTS)5Spring semesterMercadé Aloy, Josep 10Q2
External internshipde 12 a 15Fall/Spring semesters
Master's Thesis
250699Master's thesis 30Fall/Spring semestersFernandez Garcia, Daniel
  • Fall semester: Fall semester
  • Spring semester: Spring semester
  • MsDSST: Master's Degree in Sustainability Science and Technology
  • MsDCE: Master's Degree in Civil Engineering
  • MsDEE: Master's Degree in Energy Engineering