Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering

Year 2023/2024  

First year
(Initial phase)
Second year Third year Fourth year
Credit recognition (6)
Basic Sciences
Sciences Applied to Engineering
Basic Technologies
Structural Analysis and Technology
Water Cycle Engineering
Engineering Tools
Geotechnical Engineering
Transport Engineering and Urbanism
Project and Construction of Public Works and Infrastructures

* Check the semester the courses are taught in the following table.

CodeCourseECTSSemesterProfessor in chargeObservations
First year (Enrolment in untaught courses)
250101Algebra and geometry 6Untaught courses
250102Calculus 9Untaught courses
250103Economy, business and legislation 6Untaught courses
250104Physics 6Untaught courses
250105Mathematic fundamentals 6Untaught courses
250106Geology 6Untaught courses
250107Metric geometry and representation systems 6Untaught courses
250108Rational mechanics 7,5Untaught courses
250109Materials chemistry 7,5Untaught courses
Second year
250120Strength of materials and structures 9Untaught coursesRossi Bernecoli, Riccardo
250121Continuum mechanics 9Untaught courses
250122Differential geometry and differential equations 9Untaught courses
250123Probability and statistics 7,5Untaught courses
250124Construction materials 6Untaught courses
250125Geomatics and geographic information 6Untaught courses
250126Descriptive geometry 6Untaught courses
250127Construction management and electrotechnics 7,5Untaught courses
Third year
250130Hydraulics and hydrology 9Spring semesterSanchez Juny, Marti
250131Soil mechanics 9Fall semesterPrat Catalan, Pere
250132Structural analysis 7,5Fall semesterBaiges Aznar, Joan , Bugeda Castelltort, Gabriel
250133Numerical modelling 9Spring semesterRodriguez Ferran, Antonio
250134Roads and railways 7,5Fall semesterMartinez Reguero, Adriana Haydee , Miro Recasens, Jose Rodrigo
250135Environmental engineering 6Spring semesterFerrer Marti, Ivet
250136Urbanism 6Fall semesterMacias Arau, Pere , Magrinya Torner, Francesc
250137Transportation 6Spring semesterSoriguera Martí, Francesc
Fourth year
250140Concrete structures 7,5Fall/Spring semestersBairán García, Jesús Miguel , Murcia Delso, Juan
250141Steel structures 6Fall/Spring semestersArrayago Luquin, Itsaso
250142Hydraulic constructions 4,5Fall/Spring semestersMartín Vide, Juan Pedro
250143Maritime and port engineering 6Fall/Spring semestersSanchez-Arcilla Conejo, Agustin
250144Surface and groundwater hydrology 4,5Fall/Spring semestersRusso, Beniamino
250145Geotechnical engineering 4,5Fall/Spring semestersVaunat, Jean
250146Geological engineering 4,5Fall/Spring semestersHurlimann Ziegler, Marcel
250147Projects and business organisation 4,5Fall/Spring semestersGarola Crespo, Álvaro , Martínez Díaz, Margarita
Bachelor's thesis
250148Bachelor's thesis 12Fall/Spring semestersRamos Schneider, Gonzalo