Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Sciences & Technologies

Year 2023/2024  

First year
(Initial phase)
Second year Third year Fourth year
Optional external internship
Basic and Environmental Sciences
Extension of Basic Marine Sciences
Sciences and Marine Sustainability
Marine Sciences and Techniques
Oceanography Tools
Instrumental Sciences and Technologies Applied to the Marine Environment
Menció Ciències i Enginyeria del Mar / Tecnologies del Mar
Menció Tecnologies del Mar

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CodeCourseECTSSemesterProfessor in chargeObservations
Mandatory courses
First year
250550Environmental physics 6Fall semesterFalques Serra, Alberto
250551Environmental chemistry 6Fall semesterFernandez Carrasco, Lucia
250552Environmental biology 6Fall semesterGualda Manzano, Emilio Jose
250553Fundamentals of geology 6Fall semesterFolch Sancho, Albert
250554Fundamentals of mathematics for environmental science 6Fall semesterMarcote Ordax, Francisco Javier
250555Marine environment physics 6Spring semesterBerenguer Ferrer, Marc
250556Marine environment chemistry 6Spring semesterTorrens Martín, David
250557Marine environment biology 6Spring semesterAchaerandio Puente, Maria Isabel , Balsells Fernàndez-Pedrera, Marta
250558Geology and coastal geomorphology 6Spring semesterGracia Garcia, Vicente
250559Fundamentals of mathematics for environmental science 1 6Spring semesterSaez Viñas, Pablo
Second year
250560Coastal water cycle and continental transfer to the sea 6Fall semesterSempere Torres, Daniel
250561Marine physical-chemical processes 6Fall semesterRodriguez Escales, Paula Felicidad
250562Environmental statistics 6Fall semesterDiaz Barrero, Jose Luis
250563Marine environmental impact 6Fall semesterGarfi, Marianna
250564Fundamentals of mathematics for environmental science 2 6Fall semesterZlotnik Martinez, Sergio
250565Geographical information systems and gnss 6Spring semesterPuig Polo, Carolina
250566Marine ecology, ecosystems and productive processes 6Spring semesterCaceres Rabionet, Ivan
250567Statistical methods in marine sciences 6Spring semesterDiaz Barrero, Jose Luis
250568Marine pollution. sources, transport and impacts 6Spring semesterUggetti, Enrica
250569Mathematics in marine science 6Spring semesterGarcia Gonzalez, Alberto
Third year
250570Planetary scale circulation of the atmosphere and ocean 6Fall semesterMösso Aranda, Octavio Cesar
250571Bio-geo-chemical global cycles 6Fall semesterCasanova Hormaechea, Ignacio
250572Ocean biological processes 6Fall semesterBalsells Fernàndez-Pedrera, Marta
250573Marine geodynamics 6Fall semesterRomero Morales, Enrique Edgar
250574Computational analyses and smart solutions tools 6Fall semesterOrtego Martínez, María Isabel
250575Instrumentation and data analyses in marine sciences 6Spring semesterDel Rio Fernandez, Joaquin
250576Experimental techniques in laboratory and field 6Spring semesterGironella I Cobos, Francesc Xavier
250577Integral modelling of marine systems 6Spring semesterMestres Ridge, Marc
250578Remote sensing and sensors 6Spring semesterLopez Garcia, Mariano
250579Live, renewable and non-renewable marine resources 6Spring semesterReig Puig, Maria Lourdes
Elective courses
Fourth year
250580Coastal infrastructures. impacts and integral management 6Fall semesterGracia Garcia, Vicente
250581Coastal hydromorphodynamics 6Fall semesterMösso Aranda, Octavio Cesar
250582Climate change. impacts in the marine environment and coastal zone 6Fall semesterSanchez-Arcilla Conejo, Agustin
250583Prediction and risk models for the management of the coastal zone 6Fall semesterJimenez Quintana, Jose Antonio
250584Ecology and physiology of aquatic organisms 6Spring semesterReig Puig, Maria Lourdes
250585Marine renewable energies 6Fall semesterSierra Pedrico, Juan Pablo
250586Project design and evaluation in engineering and marine sciences 6Fall semesterGonzalez Marco, Daniel
250587Marine survey, acoustics and sonar systems 6Fall semesterDel Rio Fernandez, Joaquin
250588Instrumentation, robotics marine and power systems 6Fall semesterToma Lesenciuc, Daniel Mihai
250589Platforms, observatories and technologies of marine materials 6Fall semesterDel Rio Fernandez, Joaquin
250590Technologies for sustainable aquaculture production 6Fall semesterReig Puig, Maria Lourdes
250591Engineering in aquaculture projects 6Spring semesterMasalo Llora, Ingrid
250592Data management: communications, programming and simulation 6Fall semesterToma Lesenciuc, Daniel Mihai
Bachelor's thesis
250593Bachelor's thesis 18Fall/Spring semestersMösso Aranda, Octavio Cesar