Master's Degree in Urban Mobility

Year 2022/2023  

First year Second year
Fall semester Spring semester Fall semester Spring semester
Innovation & entrepreneurship elective courses
Relevant elective courses
(according to program)
Relevant elective courses
(according to program)
Innovation & entrepreneurship elective courses Innovation & entrepreneurship elective courses
Mandatory courses
Innovation & entrepreneurship elective courses
Relevant elective courses
CodeCourseECTSSemesterProfessor in chargeTaught in EnglishObservations
Mandatory courses
250MUM010Introduction to supply chain 5Fall semesterDoménech Léga, Bruno 10Q1
250MUM011Mobility modeling 5Fall semesterCodina Sancho, Esteve 10Q1
250MUM012Operation & management of transport systems 5Fall semesterSoriguera Martí, Francesc 10Q1
250MUM013Data analysis in transport systems 5Fall semesterMontero Mercadé, Lidia 10Q1
250MUM001Liveable cities & urban mobility 5Spring semesterMoreno Sanz, Joan 10Q2
250MUM015Travel demand & behavioral modeling 5Spring semesterMontero Mercadé, Lidia 10Q2
Innovation & entrepreneurship elective courses
First year
250MUM014Decision making and economy in urban mobility 5Fall semesterGarola Crespo, Álvaro 10Q1
250MUM028Innovation and entrepreneurship for world challenges 5Fall semesterBragos Bardia, Ramon 10Q1
250MUM002Project based on an innovation challenge 10Spring semesterBragos Bardia, Ramon 10Q2
Second year
210216UMManagement and creation of innovative companies in architecture3Fall semesterPuig-Pey Claveria, Ana Maria
230639UMTechnology asset management5
250MUM003Product or service development project 4Fall semesterBragos Bardia, Ramon 10Q1
250MUM006Case studies in urban mobility 5Fall semesterRobusté Antón, Francesc 10Q1
270860UMViability of business project 6
Relevant elective course sustainable urban mobility transitions track
First year
250MUM016Public transport 5Spring semesterEstrada Romeu, Miguel Angel 10Q2
250MUM017Optimization models for transportation networks 5Spring semesterCodina Sancho, Esteve 10Q2
250MUM018Traffic simulation models 5Spring semesterLinares Herreros, María Paz 10Q2
250MUM019Railway transport 5Spring semesterBachiller Saña, Adrina , Casas Esplugas, Carles 10Q2
250MUM020Sustainable mobility 5Spring semesterOrtigosa Marín, Javier 10Q2
250MUM021Mobility and development 5Fall semesterMercadé Aloy, Josep 10Q1
250667Integrated environmental assessment of building materials 5Untaught courses
Second year
250MUM022Merchandise transports 5Fall semesterEstrada Romeu, Miguel Angel 10Q1
250MUM023Traffic 5Fall semesterSoriguera Martí, Francesc 10Q1
250MUM024Airport management 5Fall semesterTrapote Barreira, César 10Q1
250MUM025Vehicle routing models 5Fall semesterOrtigosa Marín, Javier 10Q1
250MUM026Smart mobility (smart) 5Fall semesterRobusté Antón, Francesc 10Q1
250MUM027Port management and maritime transport 5Spring semesterGrifoll Colls, Manuel 10Q2
Relevant elective course smart mobility data science & analytics track
First year
250MUM007Data management for transportation 4Spring semesterJovanovic, Petar 10Q2
270652UMMultivariate analysis 6
Second year
For more information please contact Prof. Lidia Montero.
EIT Summer School*)
Innovation & entrepreneurship elective course3Spring semester
Master's Thesis
250MUMTFMMaster's thesis 30Spring semesterSoriguera Martí, Francesc 10Q2