Master's Degree in Civil Engineering

Year 2022/2023  

First year Second year
Fall semester Spring semester Fall semester Spring semester
Especialitat en Enginyeria d'Estructures i Construcció
(35 ECTS)
Especialitat en Enginyeria del Terreny
(35 ECTS)
Especialitat en Enginyeria de l'Aigua
(35 ECTS)
Especialitat en Enginyeria Computacional
(35 ECTS)
Especialitat en Enginyeria del Transport i Urbanisme
(35 ECTS)
Especialitat en Enginyeria Ambiental i Sostenibilitat
(35 ECTS)
Master's Thesis
(25 ECTS)
Expansion of Scientific and Technological Education (30 ECTS)
Advanced Science and Technology Applications (30 ECTS)
Specialty (35 ECTS)
Master's Thesis (25 ECTS)
CodeCourseECTSSemesterProfessor in chargeTaught in EnglishObservations
First year
250401Mechanics of continua 9Fall semesterAgelet De Saracibar Bosch, Carlos 20Q1
250402Numerical modelling 9Fall semesterSarrate Ramos, Jose 10Q1, 20Q1
250403Structural analysis 7,5Fall semesterCodina Rovira, Ramon
250404Hydraulic infrastructure 4,5Fall semesterGironella I Cobos, Francesc Xavier
250405Structural engineering 6Fall/Spring semestersOñate Ibañez De Navarra, Eugenio 20Q2
250406Computational engineering 6Fall/Spring semestersRodriguez Ferran, Antonio 10Q1, 20Q2
250407Geomechanical and geotechnical engineering 6Fall/Spring semestersOlivella Pastalle, Sebastian 10Q1, 20Q2
250408Water engineering 6Fall/Spring semestersEspino Infantes, Manuel
250409Planning and management of transportation 6Fall/Spring semestersRobusté Antón, Francesc 10Q1, 20Q2
Second year
Mandatory courses specialty in Structural Engineering and Construction
250470Building structures 5Fall/Spring semestersPela, Luca , Roca Fabregat, Pedro 10Q1, 20Q2
250471Bridges 5Fall/Spring semestersCasas Rius, Juan Ramon 10Q1
250472Analysis and design of steel structures 5Fall/Spring semestersMirambell Arrizabalaga, Enrique 10Q1
250473Advanced design of concrete structures 5Fall/Spring semestersMari Bernat, Antonio Ricardo , Murcia Delso, Juan 20Q2
Elective courses specialty in Structural Engineering and Construction
250474Structural management 5Fall semesterCasas Rius, Juan Ramon
250475Mixed and composite structures 5Fall semesterMirambell Arrizabalaga, Enrique
250476Seismic risk assessment and reduction 5Spring semesterCarreño Tibaduiza, Martha Liliana
Mandatory courses specialty in Geotechnical Engineering
250420Geotechnical design and construction 5Fall semesterArroyo Alvarez De Toledo, Marcos
250421Geomechanics of breakage 5Spring semesterPinyol Puigmarti, Nuria Merce
250422Interaction between groundwater and civil works 5Spring semesterFernandez Garcia, Daniel 10Q2
250423Tunnels and rock mechanics 5Fall semesterDi Mariano Simoncini, Alessandra
Mandatory courses specialty in Water Engineering
250430Urban hydrology 5Fall semesterGomez Valentin, Manuel 10Q1
250431River dynamics 5Spring semesterBlade Castellet, Ernest
250432Coastal engineering and management 5Spring semesterJimenez Quintana, Jose Antonio
250433Port and offshore engineering 5Fall semesterSierra Pedrico, Juan Pablo 10Q1
Mandatory courses specialty in Computational Engineering
250439Numerical models in civil and structural engineering 5Spring semesterChiumenti, Michele 10Q2
250440Computational engineering for design and operation 5Fall semesterVilanova Caicoya, Guillermo 10Q1
250441Models and tools for project and financial management 5Fall semesterBretones Gallardo, Miguel Angel
250443Machine learning and models for decision making 5Spring semesterArias Vicente, Irene 10Q2
Mandatory courses specialty in Transportation Engineering and Urban Planning
250450Urban mobility 5Fall semesterSoriguera Martí, Francesc 10Q1
250451Road network planning and operation 5Spring semesterMiro Recasens, Jose Rodrigo
250452High-speed rail line management 5Spring semesterLizcano Nuñez, Benedicto
250453Urban planning and urban service infrastructure 5Fall semesterMagrinya Torner, Francesc
Mandatory courses specialty in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability
250460Water treatment 5Fall semesterGullon Santos, Martin
250461Environmental modelling 5Spring semesterBerenguer Ferrer, Marc
250462Life-cycle analysis and sustainability assessment 5Spring semesterPuig Damians, Ivan
250463Sustainability and development engineering 5Fall semesterPérez Foguet, Agustí
Master's Thesis
250499Master's thesis 25Fall/Spring semestersSoriguera Martí, Francesc