Bachelor's Degree in Public Works Engineering

Year 2021/2022  

First year
(Initial phase)
Second year Third year Fourth year
Building construction and prefabrication
Administration, urban plannig and public services
Surface and groundwater hydrology II
Port engineering
Elective course 2
Elective course 2
Elective course 2
Elective course 2
Common elective course (4,5)
Elective course 1
Elective course 1
Credit recognition
Credit recognition
Credit recognition
Credit recognition
Structural design
Construction of transport infrastructures
Hydraulic constructions
Elective course 2
Elective course 2
Construction of bridges and other structures
Transportation management
Sanitary engineering
Credit recognition
Credit recognition
Elective course 1
Elective course 1
Elective course 1
Elective course 1
Basic Sciences
Sciences Applied to Engineering
Introduction to Technology
Engineering Tools
Structures and Foundations
Water Technology
Transport Infrastructures and urban planning
Project and Construction of Public Works and Infrastructures
Specialty Itineraries
Civil Constructions
Transport and Urban Services

* Check the semester the courses are taught in the following table.

CodeCourseECTSSemesterProfessor in chargeObservations
First year (Enrolment in untaught courses)
250201Linear algebra 6Fall semesterAnento Moreno, Napoleon
250202Calculus 6Spring semesterOzon Gorriz, Francisco Javier
250203Business and construction legislation 6Spring semesterGarola Crespo, Álvaro
250204Graphic expression 7,5Fall semesterPoblet Puig, Jordi
250205Applied physics 6Spring semesterMarques Truyol, Francisco
250206Mathematic fundamentals 6Fall semesterOzon Gorriz, Francisco Javier
250207Applied geology 6Fall semesterSalvany Duran, Josep Maria
250208Mechanics 9AnnualChiumenti, Michele
250209Chemistry of materials 7,5Spring semesterFernandez Carrasco, Lucia
Second year
250220Hydraulics 9AnnualSanchez Juny, Marti
250221Differential equations 4,5Fall semesterBendito Perez, Enrique
250222Strength of materials 6Spring semesterCervera Ruiz, Luis Miguel
250223Construction materials 6Fall semesterEtxeberria Larrañaga, Miren
250224Numerical methods and informatics 7,5Spring semesterSarrate Ramos, Jose
250225Geomatics and surveying 7,5Fall semesterGili Ripoll, Jose Antonio
250226Representation techniques 6Spring semesterFernandez Gonzalez, Mario
250227Descriptive statistics 7,5Fall semesterOrtego Martínez, María Isabel 20Q1A(English), 20Q1B(English)
250228Construction methods and electrical engineering 6Spring semesterRamos Schneider, Gonzalo
Third year
250230Geotechnics 9AnnualPinyol Puigmarti, Nuria Merce
250231Structures 6Fall semesterCervera Ruiz, Luis Miguel
250232Reinforced concrete 6Spring semesterOller Ibars, Eva Maria
250233Surface and groundwater hydrology 4,5Fall semesterSanchez Vila, Francisco Javier 10Q1A(English), 10Q1B(English)
250234Metallic constructions 6Spring semesterChacón Flores, Rolando Antonio
250235Transport infrastructures 7,5Fall semesterMartinez Reguero, Adriana Haydee
250236Environmental technology 4,5Spring semesterPuigagut Juarez, Jaume
250237Organisation, measurement and budget for public works 7,5Fall semesterTurmo Coderque, Jose
250238Urbanism and regional systems 4,5Spring semesterVillares Junyent, Miriam
250239Project and construction of public works 4,5Spring semesterMartínez Díaz, Margarita
Fourth year
250240Geotechnical engineering 4,5Fall semesterOlivella Pastalle, Sebastian 10Q1A(English), 10Q1B(English)
250241Maritime constructions 4,5Fall semesterGracia Garcia, Vicente
250262Bachelor's thesis 12Fall/Spring semestersRamos Schneider, Gonzalo
Common optional courses
250258Geographical information systems and teledetection 4,5Fall semesterLantada Zarzosa, Maria De Las Nieves
250259Social impacts of the public constructions 4,5Fall semesterVillares Junyent, Miriam
250260History of public constructions 4,5Spring semesterMacias Arau, Pere
250261Graphic design and numerical analysis 4,5Spring semesterVila Rius, Agnès
Specialty Itineraries
Civil Constructions
250242Building construction and prefabrication 7,5Spring semesterRoca Fabregat, Pedro
250243Construction of bridges and other structures 6Fall semesterRamos Schneider, Gonzalo
250244Structural design 6Fall semesterCervera Ruiz, Luis Miguel
250245Prestressed concrete 4,5Fall semesterMurcia Delso, Juan
250246Introduction to structural management 4,5Spring semesterCasas Rius, Juan Ramon
250266Construction management 4,5Spring semesterTurmo Coderque, Jose
Transport and Urban Services
250247Administration, urban plannig and public services 7,5Spring semesterMiro Farrerons, Joan
250248Construction of transport infrastructures 6Fall semesterMartinez Reguero, Adriana Haydee
250249Transportation management 6Fall semesterCampos Cacheda, José Magín
250250Maintenance of infrastructures 4,5Spring semesterMiro Recasens, Jose Rodrigo
250251Urbanization and management of urban environment 4,5Fall semesterRoca Bosch, Elisabeth
250265Urban logistics and transport terminals 4,5Spring semesterCampos Cacheda, José Magín
250252Surface and groundwater hydrology II 4,5Spring semesterBlade Castellet, Ernest
250253Port engineering 4,5Spring semesterGironella I Cobos, Francesc Xavier
250254Hydraulic constructions 6Fall semesterBateman Pinzon, Allen
250255Sanitary engineering 4,5Fall semesterFerrer Marti, Ivet
250256Instrumentation and testing in hydraulic works 4,5Spring semesterSanchez Juny, Marti
250257Water supply 4,5Spring semesterFerrer Marti, Ivet
250264Environmental impact in maritime works 4,5Fall semesterMösso Aranda, Octavio Cesar 10Q1(English)