Bachelor's Degree in Geological Engineering

Year 2021/2022  

First year
(Initial phase)
Second year Third year Fourth year
Credit recognition (6)
Basic Sciences
Sciences Applied to Engineering
Basic Technologies
Engineering Tools
Geotechnical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Project and Construction of Public Works and Infrastructures

* Check the semester the courses are taught in the following table.

CodeCourseECTSSemesterProfessor in charge
First year (Extinguished)
250304Mathematic fundamentals 6Untaught courses
250303Physics 6Untaught courses
250309Chemistry 6Untaught courses
250305General geology 6Untaught courses
250301Algebra 6Untaught courses
250306Geomatics, topography and graphic expression 6Untaught courses
250307Mechanics 7,5Untaught courses
250302Calculus 7,5Untaught courses
250308Mineralogy 9Untaught courses
Second year (Extinguished)
250320Structural geology 6Untaught courses
250324Differential equations 7,5Untaught courses
250326Petrology 7,5Untaught courses
250328Structures 9Untaught courses
250323Stratigraphy 6Untaught courses
250321Geomorphology 7,5Untaught courses
250325Numerical methods 6Untaught courses
250322Materials science and technology 4,5Untaught courses
250327Continuum mechanics 6Untaught courses
Third year (Enrolment in untaught courses)
250332Thermodynamics of natural processes 4,5Fall semesterOtero Pérez, Neus
250333Geographic information systems 4,5Fall semesterLantada Zarzosa, Maria De Las Nieves
250334Probability and statistics 4,5Fall semesterBalbuena Martinez, Maria Camino Teofila
250335Geophysical prospection, geochemistry and seismology 9AnnualCaselles Magallon, Jose Oriol , Rivero Marginedas, Lluís
250338Construction management and electrotechnics 4,5Fall semesterRull Duran, Joan
250336Hydraulics and hydrology 9Fall semesterSanchez Juny, Marti
250331Geological mapping 6Spring semesterLópez Blanco, Miguel
250330Geology for public works 4,5Spring semesterHurlimann Ziegler, Marcel
250337Numerical modelling 4,5Spring semesterGarcia Gonzalez, Alberto
250339Soil mechanics 9Spring semesterLedesma Villalba, Alberto
Fourth year (Enrolment in untaught courses)
250340Environmental impact 4,5Fall semesterPinto Miguel, Victor
250342Mineral and energy resources 4,5Fall semesterCanals Sabaté, M. Àngels
250344Geotechnical engineering 4,5Fall semesterVaunat, Jean
250345Hydrogeology 6Fall semesterFernandez Garcia, Daniel
250346Structural technology 6Fall semesterDe La Fuente Antequera, Alberto
250347Projects and economics 4,5Fall semesterGarola Crespo, Álvaro
250341Geoenvironmental engineering 6Spring semesterSaaltink, Maarten Willem
250343Rock mechanics and underground excavation 6Spring semesterCarol Vilarasau, Ignacio
250148Bachelor's thesis 12Fall/Spring semestersRamos Schneider, Gonzalo