Bachelor’s Degree in Road, Canal and Port Technologies

Year 2021/2022  

First year Second year Third year Fourth year
Basic Sciences
Engineering Tools
Ciéncies Aplicades a l'Enginyeria
Basic Technologies
Transportation Engineering
Water Cycle Engineering

* Check the semester the courses are taught in the following table.

CodeCourseECTSSemesterProfessor in chargeObservations
First year
2500100Physics 6Fall semesterMarques Truyol, Francisco 10A(English), 10B(English)
2500101Mathematics 6Fall semesterMedina Sierra, Agustin 10A(English), 10B(English)
2500102Materials chemistry 6Fall semesterSegura Perez, Ignacio 10A(English), 10B(English)
2500103Economy, business and legislation 6Fall semesterGarola Crespo, Álvaro 10A(English), 10B(English)
2500104Metric geometry and representation systems 6Fall semesterPoblet Puig, Jordi 10A(English), 10B(English)
2500105Algebra and geometry 6Spring semesterAnento Moreno, Napoleon 10A(English), 10B(English)
2500106Geology 6Spring semesterHurlimann Ziegler, Marcel 10A(English), 10B(English)
2500107Rational mechanics 6Spring semesterChiumenti, Michele , Dialami Shabankareh, Narges 10A(English), 10B(English)
2500108Calculus 6Spring semesterAnento Moreno, Napoleon 10A(English), 10B(English)
2500109Construction materials 6Spring semesterEtxeberria Larrañaga, Miren 10A(English), 10B(English)
Second year
2500110Differential geometry and vector calculus 6Fall semesterGiacomini, Matteo 10Q1A(English), 10Q1B(English)
2500111Town planning 6Fall semesterMagrinya Torner, Francesc 10Q1A(English), 10Q1B(English)
2500112Strength of materials and structures 6Fall semesterRossi Bernecoli, Riccardo 10Q1A(English), 10Q1B(English)
2500113Probability and statistics 6Fall semesterOrtego Martínez, María Isabel 10Q1A(English), 10Q1B(English)
2500114Mobility and transport networks 6Fall semesterBadia Rodríguez, Hugo 10Q1A(English), 10Q1B(English)
2500115Mathematical models of physics 6Spring semesterCodina Rovira, Ramon 10Q2A(English), 10Q2B(English)
2500116Hydraulics and hydrology 6Spring semesterBlade Castellet, Ernest 10Q2A(English), 10Q2B(English)
2500117Geomatics and geoinformation 6Spring semesterLantada Zarzosa, Maria De Las Nieves 10Q2A(English), 10Q2B(English)
2500118Environmental engineering 6Spring semesterPuigagut Juarez, Jaume 10Q2A(English), 10Q2B(English)
2500119Communication techniques 6Spring semesterReal Saladrigas, Esther 10Q2A(English), 10Q2B(English)