Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering

Year 2020/2021  

First year Second year Third year Fourth year
Basic Sciences
Sciences Applied to Engineering

* Check the semester the courses are taught in the following table.

CodeCourseECTSSemesterProfessor in charge
First year
2500200Biology and ecology 6Fall semesterGualda Manzano, Emilio Jose
2500201Fundamentals of mathematics 6Fall semesterMarcote Ordax, Francisco Javier
2500202Mechanics 6Fall semesterChiumenti, Michele
2500203Earth system 6Fall semesterMoya Sanchez, Jose
2500204Chemistry 6Fall semesterSegura Perez, Ignacio
2500205Environmental economics and sustainability 6Spring semesterAlfranca Burriel, Oscar
2500206Chemistry II 6Spring semesterFernandez Carrasco, Lucia
2500207Environmental thermodynamics and kinetics 6Spring semesterSegura Perez, Ignacio
2500208Mathematics I 6Spring semesterSoler Villanueva, Jaume
2500209Geology and edaphology 6Spring semesterGarcia Ruiz, Francisco Jose , Salvany Duran, Josep Maria